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Mark Jacula

Mark Jacula
Criminal Defence Lawyer, Oshawa

Areas of Criminal Law Practice

Drug Offences

Trafficking, Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking, Production, Grow Ops, Importing, Simple Possession

Driving Offences

Impaired by Alcohol, Impaired by Drug, Over 80, Refuse or Fail to Provide Sample, Dangerous Driving, Fail to Remain, Drive Suspended, Drive No Insurance, Impaired Cause Bodily Harm or Death

Assault & Threats

Aggravated Assault, Assault Cause Bodily Harm, Simple Assault, Utter Threat, Harassment


Murder, Attempt Murder, Manslaughter, Accessory After the Fact

Weapons Offences

Possession of a Weapon, Weapons Dangerous, Carry Concealed Weapon, Possession of Guns

Property Offences

Robbery, Break and Enter, Theft Over/Under $5,000, Mischief Over/Under $5,000


Fraud Over/Under $5,000, Utter Forged Documents, Impersonation, Large Scale Projects, Organized Crime

Offences Against the Administration of Justice

Fail to Comply with Bail (Recognizance or Undertaking), Fail to Comply with Probation, Obstruct Justice, Fail to Appear, Perjury

Youth Charges

All matters prosecuted under the Youth Criminal Justice Act

Bail Matters

Bail Hearing, Bail Review, Estreatment Hearings